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Some of my stuff

still by Savaliste
flowing by Savaliste
toddler fun by Savaliste
Mini Cupcakes by Savaliste
Tidal by Savaliste


Themed Feature #1 - Windows

Dead Wall by darkdex52 Scars Of Time by AstralWind
Antique Blue by Alexandru1988 Green Blue Yeah by mister-kovacs

f y c. by gnato The Window by DottyDrama
Window by JandDphotography Window 2 by juniorfilsinger

Window by awsmdragonqueen Window by maxtriwst
window in Ireland by ShoWatanabe Window in Orange by vxside
the window. by kamilla-b a princess' window by SunsetVampiress
Themed Feature #2 - Entry/Exit

Door... by Berti18Mary Anne's Cottage Door by fluffyvolkswagenDoor to tranquility by Estruda

The red door by brijomedoor by laithythe door by juliemathers
The Door 5 by Garelito-PhotosDoor by abey79Shadow Across The Quilted Door by escapism
Blue and Yellow by Shari-ArtKnock Knock by Garelito-PhotosJapanese Door by Medius

door. by Radical-JonnyThe door. by incredi
knock to enter by v-collinsindustrial door by tdelon
Themed Feature #3 - Steps

- Z Z - by kasys Old Stairs by 2510620

:thumb272667460:Diagonal by thebrokenviewcentipede by Swissvoice

BW by eve80Like a Teardrop by Matthias-HakerJazz Juice by vinxibit
Don't look behind by DeviantMotiv Paris steps 1 by lanath

sufall stairs by APPELBOOM PaRa ELiSa by NiraGonzalez
Themed Feature #4 - Hands

Hands by nemeziz
Hands by Alloronanbloody hands by SilenceV

holding hands by michellybelly124Hands are Eyes too by sicksubroutine
Butterfly hands (practice) by Limebrowithin these hands. by sunburntchaosGive me your heart - Heart 10 by DorottyaS
A Camera For Me You And All by CrazyKcee Never too Late . 3 of 4 by Mezzochan

Themed Feature #5 - You/Your Camera


The camera by DarkVenusPersephonaecamera by MrskphotoKinky Photographer by Aisii
old camera by thunderstorm1991An old camera by musicroos
retro by ChazMoSaz Remorse Has A New Camera by Remorsefulpromises
the girl behind the camera by Rona-KellerCamera. by aur00raNew Camera by Suckerpunchlolita
Camera Slut by peewee82Barbie Poloroid Camera by CrazyKceeThe new camera by ambrits
Themed Feature #6 - Beautiful Blues

Song of the Rain by evil-genius-23Embracing Rain by Ravenous-Rellik-Art
InBox by NaviretlavBlue.... by thrumyeyeDeep Blue by annie252Blue Moon by Ryser915
deep blue jelly by meihuafive blue by jinyjin
rainy season by PsycheAnamnesis blaa by Linlith blue dream 2 by poivre

blue by dovelife Fascination -Narcissus- by Julie-de-Waroquier
Common Blue by Althytrion :thumb295327357: Little Blue by Nate-Zeman
Blue Wave by manaphoto Blue Fairytale by closer-to-heaven
Icy blue by Kvikkenblue drop by nomkcalbI'm Blue... by Kancano
Blue by colors4mind Little dreams in the rain by naked-in-the-rain

feel the rain. by oro-eluithe calm blue sea by xthumbtakxDartmoor Blue by Alex37
Blue August by farhadvm Into the Blue by izka197 into the blue. by magnesina
Themed Feature #7 - Legs

legs by Lo2theMaxPHOTO
Legs by rainyrose23
With socks or without by AlexandraSophie
Waiting by Savaliste Legs by WhaleTailer legs. by jestesmojakokaina
legs by hepgerl Falling by Savaliste
Themed Feature #8 - Eyes

Eyes by GloomyKat
Eyes by syellameonk:thumb263542856:
Irish Eyes by xblackbutterflyxPride by Emerald-Depths
FEAR In My Eyes by Pitrisek
Stardust by a3t3rnum
Themed Feature # 9 - Pasta"Pasta is a type of noodle and is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first reference dating to 1154. It is also commonly used to refer to the variety of pasta dishes. Typically pasta is made from an unleavened dough of a durum wheat flour mixed with water and formed into sheets or various shapes, then cooked and served in any number of dishes. It can be made with flour from other cereals or grains, and eggs may be used instead of water. Pastas may be divided into two broad categories, dried (pasta secca) and fresh (pasta fresca). Chicken eggs frequently dominate as the source of the liquid component in fresh pasta." Full article
"There are several health benefits to consuming pasta, especially whole wheat pasta. Whole wheat is low in calories and contains considerable amounts of minerals including, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium and manganese.
"Pasta contains complex carbohydrates which release energy
Themed Feature #10 - Fruit:wave:I asked you guys a few days ago what your favorite fruits are and hope you enjoy this feature! :peace:

kiwi by SerretGrapes - I by AlexEdg

Strawberries by StormChazzyStrawberries by mojoshirl
Themed Feature #11 - Christmas

Choc + Almond + Marshmallows 3 by bittykateHome For The Holidays by JeckinaMerry Christmas by MichelaLeonetti

Day 354: Christmas Cookies by Kaz-D Christmas Cookies by koco48
Baby It's Cold Outside by Jeckina .H o l i d a y . T r e a t s . by CozyComfyCouch

Holiday cookies by sataikasia S w e e t . H o l i d a y s by xxelegantbeautyxx

Xmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-LehreTeeny Christmas Tree by HauntingEchoesXmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-Lehre
Themed Feature #12 - Smiles
Please enjoy these smiles! :)

take a smile. by Shutter-Shooter
Smile for me by NaBHaNsmile by bethel1113Smile! by TaniDaReal
Smile by Fudgee0 Smile. by artbytheo

smile by inner-light Cheese by stitch62603

SMILE III by 4EverYoungKid Smile by Cyzra
Themed Feature #13 - WaterThere are many uses for water as you can see by the lovely features below! Water is an important part of the world and for our bodies! We should all strive to drink more so put down that soda, beer, coffee, etc :XD: Reasons to Drink more water Water and your health

Glass of Water by AlinaKurbiel
Water by Meneerofongeveeri am not a studio shot by Finvarawater by SOOO

:thumb252204851: Powerfull Water by LinsenSchuss
leaf on water and water drops by rockmylife Water gun by YazeedART

Themed Feature #14 - ChocolateChocolate in all it's glory!

So being near valentines day I've decided the next themed feature shall be CHOCOLATE!! :heart: I hope you enjoy it :eager:

::: Chocolate ::: by ABDULLAH-ALHASAWI Chocolate by Ilman-Lintu

Milk and chocolate by macro-art Cold Chocolate by laura242
Happy Valentine by topinka Mmmmm.... milk chocolate. by 6Artificial6

Chocolate Muffin by Nora-Sims chocolate meltdown... by FioReLLo

Chocolate Pastry Creams by claremanson is it chocolate? by fieLife

Chocolate Heaven by Korpinkynsi Chocolate Caramel Miroir Cake by fairchildart

Chocolate by Zerolexa ChoCoLaTe Balls by zverchetu
Hot chocolate by Ovessa
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries by maytel
Themed Feature #15 - GummiesCANDY GUMMIES!! :iconyummyplz: Enjoy ;)

Gummipede by KillMePleaseGod
gummy bears by marcegaral Gummi's Attack by MissJamieBrown
Gummies by Shayreep Gummies by Shayreep

Gummy Worm Martini by BryPhotographyVoodoo by Murderdoll17Gummi Color Wheel - Now With Minis! by RandyPandy
gummi kisses by phantom42 gummy bear ring by strictlyhandmade
Bear Army by Desdemona-Kali Purple Gummies by Happysmitten

Gummy Flower II by erisama gummi bears by ZombieX4
Themed Feature #16 - Llamas

Yastay Llama by GENZOMAN Super Llama! by Lunchwere Super Albino Llama by Kizagui

Llama Cookie Group by xenacee The Gold Lovely Llama by Gammea

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red]
llama by Mr-Stamp :llama: by Bennedetto
Don't eat your Llama by TheLlamaList Give a llama, get a llama by AskGooroo :thumb160356815:
Llama Whore by PatrickRuegheimer I Support the Rainbow Llama by fear-the-brilliance A day in the Life of a Llama by Kjherstin :thumb16015
Themed Feature #17 - Fries

MC DONALDS FRENCH FRIES by Opheleus Stamp: Fries by Shaudnly
French Fries by PanXChi :thumb199177924: French Fries Hypno Stamp by bookholder1558
Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara
Fry Bot by RobertMakes Happy frenchy fries by SNathy
Francis the French Fries by ClayConnectionsFrench Fired by nirmanFrench Fries iOS App Icon by TheRyanFord
french fries push pin by MotherMayIjewelry Mcdonald's French Fry Earrings by PossumPip-Creations
French Fries Plushie by LittleMissDelicious French Fries by cuddledcrayons
French Fry Bottle Charm by Bon-AppetEats Potato fries by Asp666
Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

Oven french fries by maytel French fries by reiime

Out of Fries Shadow by Green-Rebel Italian Fries by PoptartsAreSexyy
Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara
Themed Feature #18 - DeviantartPlease Please enjoy this feature and helpful DeviantArt things I've gathered for you! :highfive::iconpetllamaplz:

Final Fantasy Birthday Cake by ChaoticBlossoms
Happy 9th Bday DA by michielynn  10th BirthdAy Tee by DeviantArtGear
11 DEVIOUS YEARS OF ART by reiiz 12th Birthday T-Shirt by DeviantArtGear
Happy LLama Birthday, MLD by AzerathAngelWolf :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:Na'vi Llama by pokapopcorn :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:
Themed Feature #19 - DandelionsPlease Please Enjoy this lovely dandelion collection!!



 Dandelion by VinayRao
Triple Drop by Niv24 Dandelions by RobinHedberg
 Dandelion Dew - Blue by JoniNiemela
Morning dew by gigi50 into the blue. by magnesina
Dandelion by EliciceRow on Row by CannibalismOfMachine
Drops meet Dandelions by Alinschki
Little dreams in the rain by naked-in-the-rain Sunlit Fibers by mreinig
Themed Feature #20 - Numbers

James - Licence to Krill by Pierre-Lagarde
Eight by LadyJinx 109 by rusty33
Decimalism by EintoeRn 052 from Project 365 by MacCute
14 by 1510 Digital? by DeadStarKew
Numbers by EvaPolly
16. by banana-dancer Crossing 2 by tobiaswphoto
Red, blue and Twenty by Pierre-Lagarde Postcard from Graz IV by Michela-Riva
no26 by awjay
Themed Feature #21 - HalloweenSorry late feature Wednesday night my daughter (8 month old) had a fever, couldn't move her neck
well and was fussy, looking miserable :( we decided to take her to the ER around midnight Wednesday night/Thursday morning turned
out she had a double ear infection which caused her lymph nodes to swell in her neck and her fever to stay between 99-102 degrees.
Got antibiotic shot and prescription for two weeks and went and got her some baby acetaminophen... So that was her first Halloween :(

lol but all this is lasting days and today sunday she is starting to act herself again..not completely but she's doing much better..I was
so worried ^^; :( first serious moment for our little family.:heart: I even took off work saturday missing 12 hours of pay but I needed to stay
home with her instead of my dad watching her a) she doesn't feel well and probably just wants mommy or daddy b) my dad has cancer
and probably wouldn't be up for taking care of her and the medicine
Themed Feature #22 - Just Beautiful

endless by ladyrapid Meeting with the king by EbruSidar Lueurs by xavierrey
View on the bridge III by EmilStojek
Waves and Birdshit by ernieleo Antelope Canyon by alierturk The beast within by PeterJCoskun
James4 by pepapigo siesta by Gonzale
Themed Feature #23 - Literature 

I never do literature features as I don't know much about literature/poetry/etc so here

are some that I found through PurpleInk777 and some just searching through DA
Hope you enjoy them!
Themed Feature #24 - Forum PicksI made a forum thread recently about your best and favorite work from 2013. I got LOTS of great comments and sadly can't feature them ALL it would be a long journal :giggle: So here are some PLEASE DO ENJOY these lovely deviations from 2013! Do keep improving and never give up on your passion :highfive:

L o v e by FlabnBone silence by Satoga Crisscross by DPasschier Noriyasu+Dragon by sJibbi Mefa by prime512
Themed Feature #25 - Donuts

Untitled - Donut Holes by Further-Seems-4ever YUMMY DOUGHNUTS by Master-of-Shadows73
Donut by Se7rAlWed
Happy donuts by ha7su Donut by gohyinghui
Offer To The Gods by WishmasterAlchemist Donut Forever by XavierSchneider Donut by bippla
donuts by AzureFantoccini
Mini Donuts by Alice0fSpades
Themed Feature #26 - Women/Girls

Dunes 2. by ramblingindianagirl
A mothers touch by Eocene-ic
Me and My Mom by AnneMarie1986 The Ladies in Millennium Park by jonniedee Family 2013 by claremanson
Gather by nikosalpha
Alena II by asalisinasa Dasha pt5 by AlexKPhoto Reading a book.. by athrawn
alex - C by matmoon
Themed Feature #27 - Beverages 

:iconcplz: :iconoplz: :iconfplz: :iconfplz: :iconeplz: :iconeplz:

:iconsplz: :iconoplz: :icondplz: :iconaplz:

:iconwplz: :iconaplz: :icontplz: :iconeplz: :iconrplz:

:icontplz: :iconeplz: :iconaplz:

Beer Mug by Jykle-and-Hyde :iconaplz: :iconlplz: :iconcplz: :iconoplz: :iconhplz: :iconoplz: :iconlplz:
Themed Feature #28 - Television Shows

The Mentalist by pbird12
Scrubs by CTU-01 Piccolo by KZBulat true blood by chemcial23 TRUE BLOOD 'Tainted Love' covers 1-6 by J-Scott-Campbell Friends by AuntyRichie
Another of Friends by marixon
LOST by joseabcclemente
LOST sketch 'Claire' by J-Scott-CampbellLOST sketch 'Hurley' by J-Scott-CampbellLOST sketch 'Kate' by J-Scott-CampbellLOST sketch 'Sawyer' 2 by J-Scott-CampbellLOST sketch 'Charlie' by J-Scott-Campbell
Themed Feature #29 - NoodlesOodles of Noodles
Asian/Oriental/Japanese/etc Style!

All those noodles, you need some bread!
Themed Feature #30 - DocksYes this is the 2nd monthly themed feature for May.. I just can't help myself, featuring artists :hug: Please enjoy this one

Dreaming on the Dock by DeLumine The Lake by SublimeBudd
Dock by er111a Spencer lake jetty by BillyRWebb
Summer Reflection by robb-nelson Silence II by IsacGoulart
Themed Feature #31 - HeroesYour theme this month heroes! There are many many different types of heroes but here is a small collection of some you may recognize! :nod:

TMNT Saucy Raph by RobDuenas TMNT Saucy Leo by RobDuenas
Upgrade! by Ry-Spirit
Cloud by edbot5000 Frodo, Sam by merrinou
Finn and Jake by AlexDeHatter Luigi by luiggi26
The Great Hall of Hogwarts by Timtimsia
Deviants of Deviantart #32Happy 14th birthday DA. I've been here for 7 1/2 years and I've improved a lot with my art.  I've made some wonderful friends.  I've discovered so many talented artists here and I'll admit there is no other site quite like this one.
I'm exploring DA feels like I'm walking miles...searching for new art

and the art I admire most...abstractness

At A Crawl by DpressedSoul put on your red light by augenweide
Berlin - House of Topographie des Terrors by MichiLauke Moons over Mt. Fuji by Pikkochan Quatro by freMDart
and architecture/urban/rural

Monthly Themed Feature #33Our Backs...

Back to the old times by DorottyaS

I also went searching on the web for some "back" facts to share with you ;) other than them being beautiful.
When we’re born, our spines consist of 33 individual vertebrae.As we age, some of these vertebrae fuse together. The five vertebrae composing our sacrum become one bone and the coccygeal vertebrae – which can vary from three to five bones – fuse together as one. Thus, the tailbone is formed.You
Monthly Themed Feature #34For the month of October I've selected some "Horror" Themes

Carrie by MissStarr A Fog Over Knife River by intao
012II by T-Thomas
Themed Feature #35 - Christmas NomNom!

Christmas Chocolate Torte by theresahelmer Holiday eggs by LilyBrilliant
home-made by artahh
Let's Merry by extraordi-mary Red cups by vacillated
Happy Holidays by Jedi-Dame

Christmas Dinner by Pepeo87 'tis the season by OliverBPhotography
Christmas Bakery. by SuirisWhite
Rich chocolate cake by topolinodelburro gnaaaaaaaaaaaam. by TicK46
Monthly Themed Feature #36 Your CV'sSorry for missing the last monthly themed feature. Today for February I give you your DA CV's! Show them some love :heart: (edit: although some of these lovely people aren't technically cv they are listed in the :faq18: as staff that accepts suggestions.)

Frosty Days by Kaz-D Flowing Falling by TimberClipse
2015 Hourly Comics Day-05 by kozispoon Sequin Fabric Stock Pack by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock Bordello Blackout by DistortedSmile
Pagos #33 by Elandria Morning Glory by tanikel
Monthly Themed Feature: Try New Flavors #37

Breakfast of Champions by drewhoshkiw Dutch Cheese by Delahkel
Lobster Roll Tour 20 by Mac-Wiz Supreme Pizza by ThoreauLovesPizza123
Bbq by jpba BBQ by Veox1
Bolognese by FullMoon2012 Tea Brunch by DistortedSmile
Glorious Fish N Chips by slumberbreeze Poutine by Santian69
Themed Feature.#38.NumbersNo you're not seeing things. I've done a "numbers" feature before. :pointr:  :pointl:
But it's been 2 years so here's a new "numbers feature"! :boogie:

26.33 recurring by DaddyHoggy 526 by jemgirl
1 <a wytiwyg="1" href="">
A colorful place#39A red Balloon

A Yellow Cup

A purple Chair

A Blue Pencil

Green Wire

White Legos

Orange, Orange

Pink JellyBeans

A Brown Teddy

Black Dominoes
Autumn #40
Have a wonderful November, Thanksgiving...Autumn :heart:

Falling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBot

Falling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBotFalling Leaves Autumn Version by NamelessBot

Themed Feature #41 - M+Ms


Artist | Photography
United States

Some of my stuff

Tonight by Savaliste
distance by Savaliste
Made With Love by Savaliste
my point of view by Savaliste
R I N G S 2 by Savaliste
R U S T Y by Savaliste


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In my gallery i have many others photos from interesting places (my Cracow, Praha, Wien, Mallorca, Mellorca, Moroccco, Rodos, Zakinthos, Corfu, Sicily, Florida) and beautiful flowers, trees, animals etc.

Maybe You find something...

Greetings from Poland!

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